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The Center for Art and Culture "Giuseppe Biasi" in Sassari was founded in 1996 by the painter Giovanni Fiora, with a group of others artists and intellectuals. The Association is a nonprofit organization and its target is, through appropriate initiatives, the dissemination of the work of Maestro Giuseppe Biasi, honoring his memory even through the spread of ideals that inspired his artistic production. The Association has the following purposes: a) the promotion of cultural activities through the dissemination of art in all its forms: painting, sculpture, graphics, photography, music, poetry, prose, journalism, publishing. b) The creation and support of all initiatives to publicize the works of young artists, particulary from Sardinia, including students of art schools of all types and levels (Article 3 Statute of the Association)

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About the logo we chosed ...

”FACE OF WOMAN” is the work of Giuseppe Biasi we have chosen as "logo" and symbol of the "Center for Art and Culture Giuseppe Biasi". It is the first woodcut of Biasi (witness Remo Branca), and it is unique in its originality. Executed in 1912, is influenced from the climate of the time, whith precise references to “art nouveau”, and we can see in it a geometric simplification reduced to essentials. In this work we can see the very personal interpretation that Biasi offers of a Sardinian costumes: simple lines, engraved, perfect, bounding a face, represented by vigorous, determined, confident graphic. The design rejects meticulous detail, no halftones, no variety of intermediate shades. The high pictorial quality of this work is a real surprise. Biasi gives evidence of a rare skill, in this as in subsequent woodcuts (published in "L'Eroica" of Ettore Cozzani), he proves to be truly a master engraver of the art of engraving. Its sharp and strong figures express the soul of the Sardinian people, like the words of Grazia Deledda.

logocentro biasi


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